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Q. What is the Sign Up process?

ACCEPT - On the Signup page, please Review & Accept the Terms, and select your Subscription choice.
PAY - You will be transferred to the Paypal website to log in and make the payment, or use the Pay with Credit/Debit Card option. The charge appears as Graycell Advisors.
REGISTER - After the payment, you will be returned to our site. Registration instructions will be sent to the Paypal email account you used (check the Spam folder). During registration please select the option to receive email alerts from us so you can be notified. 

Q. I have not received any emails?

The registration process relies on you receiving an email from us after the payment. Please check the email you used for the Paypal payment, as registration details are sent there. At times, the email may get directed to the SPAM folder. We’ve tested the system with various emails without any problems. If the culprit is the SPAM folder, please add us to your address book now or click on the ‘Not Spam’ option, and this problem should not recur. If you Reset your password, the email will come from WordPress/Graycell Advisors. If you are unable to find any email, then kindly contact us.

Q. What is the Refund Policy?

The new subscriber has a full 60-day money-back guarantee from the time of payment. After that, no full, partial, or prorated refund is issued. In the case of Renewal, once the renewal period begins, no full, partial, or prorated refund is issued.

Q. When is the newsletter published?

The monthly newsletter is published towards the beginning of the new month and typically on the closest weekend around that time. The next edition date is mentioned in the Members Area.

Q. How soon can I access the Members Area?

Once your payment is approved and you have completed the registration and setup the password (using the password link email), the access is instant to the Members Area.

Q. What does my Subscription cover?

You receive access to the Members Area, where you can view the last three monthly issues of the Prudent Small Cap newsletter, intramonth updates when available, a portfolio tracking spreadsheet, and other relevant content like how to use the service and market expectations.

Q. Where do I log in to access my subscriptions?

To access Prudent Small Cap, you can log in here.
To access Prudent Biotech, you can log in here.
To access Prudent Healthcare, you can log in here.

Q. Is the site secure for payments?

We do not collect any payment information but instead transfer you to Paypal, which has a secure payment system.

Q. Can I still use Paypal even though I don't have a Paypal account yet?

Of course. You do not have to be registered with Paypal to use your credit or debit card. On the Paypal screen, under or around the Login button is the option of paying with your card without any registration. Click on it, enter your credit card information, and submit. Also, if you wish to enroll with Paypal at the time of payment, you can do so.

Q. Can I use a Credit Card, Debit Card, ePayments, or Check?

You can use credit or debit card on Paypal. Once you are directed to Paypal, you can decide to use the credit card of your choice or use Paypal funds in your account. If you wish to use services like Zelle, Xoom, or a Check, you may contact us first.

Q. How do I Renew?

A. Since subscriptions are not automatically renewed, members can renew at any time prior to expiration from within the Members Area by clicking on the Renewal button. The subscription period gets extended by the renewal period of 1 year without any break in access. Only 1 year renewals are available. If the Membership expires prior to renewal and the newsletter service is still available for subscription, then simply Login using your information and choose the renewal option. The subscription will renew from the date you make the payment.

Q. Can you offer personal advice on stocks and are you a licensed broker?

We cannot and do not offer personalized investment advice. Neither are we a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or a professional financial planner. Consequently, the content in our newsletter service has to be considered general and informational. Only you and your financial advisor can determine its usefulness and relevance to your situation.

Q. Are these stocks volatile and risky, and can I lose my investment?

Stock investments are risky and can cause minor, substantial, or total loss. The biotech industry and the small caps represent the higher risk segments of the market, and the risk of a substantial or total loss exists. Significant monthly volatility should be expected. Furthermore, a concentrated portfolio of up to 8 or 10 holdings will have greater volatility than a well-diversified benchmark index, like the S&P 500 with 500 stocks or the Russell 2000 Small Cap index with 2000 stocks. It would not be surprising to have the model portfolio down significantly in times of heightened market stress and volatility. Please note this is an aggressive investing style and may not be suitable for everyone. If you decide to participate in fast moving stocks like those in our portfolio, consider allocating no more than 25% of your entire risky investment portfolio to this style. The percentage can vary based on your determination and that of your financial advisor. The idea is to make a prudent allocation to this promising and risky market segment, which is considered as a high-risk and high-reward segment. Our performance history reflects this high risk and high reward.

Q. How do I build out a portfolio?

The Members Area has a guide on how to use the model portfolio service. Briefly speaking, once you have access to the model portfolio, you may discover that there may already be existing positions. There are 3-ways to build out the portfolio. First, you can consider buying the entire portfolio as it exists. Second, you can consider buying only the new positions as and when they are added to the portfolio. Third, you may consider buying a portion of the portfolio instantly and layering-in the new positions as they are added to the model portfolio. The merits and risks of each approach are discussed in the guide.

Q. How is the portfolio diversified?

The model portfolio is diversified across ten small cap positions. We define the small cap segment as stocks with a market cap range of between $200 million to $4 billion. When we begin with an all-cash position, we allocate 1/10th of the portfolio to each stock position. Over time, portfolio appreciation and monthly repositioning can skew that one-tenth number. Do not succumb to the temptation of cherry-picking only 2-3 stocks from the model portfolio. Diversification is absolutely essential to diminish security-specific risk. If there are ten stocks in the portfolio and two of them lose 25% each, the total portfolio loss is only 5% and not 25% or 50%, assuming other portfolio stocks did not change in price during that period. The model portfolio is a concentrated portfolio and thus will never have the same diversification benefit as the small cap benchmark index with 2000 stocks. But the concentration has the benefit of allowing each stock to have a much larger impact on the total portfolio return.

Q. How do you prevent prices from being influenced by subscribers buying and selling around the same time?

One of the parameters in our portfolio selection is the liquidity or volume traded in a stock. Stocks that cross the minimum volume threshold are considered for the model portfolio. We make adjustments to minimize movements that appear to be due to position recommendations in the model portfolio. We also monitor the size of the subscriber base and will cap it to avoid price swings. In case you observe unusual price swings across many positions in the model portfolio, please contact us.

Q. How long is a position held in the model portfolio?

Our newsletters are monthly publications, and updates to the model portfolio are typically made towards the end of the month, unless the market situation warrants an earlier intervention. There are no rules regarding how long a position is held. Typically, positions end up being held for 1 to 3 months. But there have been many occasions when positions are held for longer periods.

Graycell Advisors, and its affiliates, officers, employees, families, and all other related parties, collectively referred to as ‘Graycell’ and/or ‘we,’ is a publisher of financial information, such as the Prudent Small Cap, Prudent Biotech, and Prudent Healthcare newsletters. We are not a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Historical performance figures provided are hypothetical, unaudited, and based on our proprietary analysis and system performance, back-tested over an extended period. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have limitations, and unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading and consequently do not involve the financial risk of actual trading. The performance results obtained are intended for illustrative purposes only. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown. Past performance is not indicative of future results, which may vary. All stock and related investments have a degree of risk, which can result in a significant or total loss. In addition, the biotech industry and small caps are characterized by much higher risk and volatility than the general stock market. Information contained herein is general and does not constitute a personal recommendation or take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual investors. If you decide to invest in any of the stocks of the companies mentioned in the newsletters, samples, alerts, etc., sent to you or available on our websites, you can and may lose some or all of your investment. You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. Use of the information herein is at one's own risk. We are simply sharing the results of our model. Nothing should be construed as a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any securities, and we are not liable nor do we assume any liability or responsibility for losses incurred as a result of any information provided or not provided or not made available on time, herein or on our website or using any other medium. We cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any information furnished by us. We may or may not have existing positions in the stocks mentioned in our reports. Our models are proprietary and/or can be licensed and can be changed or revised based on our discretion at any time without any notification. Subscribers and investors should always conduct their due diligence with any potential investment and consider obtaining professional advice before making an investment decision.

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