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Small Cap Model Portfolio

The Prudent Small Cap (formerly Graycell Small Cap) model portfolio focuses on the universe of stocks from $200 million to up to around $4 billion in market capitalization. The investment focus is to participate in the early growth stages of a company while diversifying sufficiently across industries and the market cap range that includes small cap stocks (up to $3 billion) and early stage midcap companies, known as SMIDs (small midcaps). The return objective of the quantitative model-driven portfolio is to outperform the Russell 2000 over a 12-month period. Over its long history, the model portfolio performance has surpassed its objective quite convincingly in most years. The portfolio comprises up to 10 stocks that are about equally-weighted. The model portfolio was first published in 2003 as a weekly service and published for 7-years till 2009. It was then resumed from 2012 to 2015. Since 2016 the model portfolio is offered as a monthly newsletter service.

The Enduring Power of Small Cap Stocks
matched with
The Power of Compounding

Growth of a Single Dollar

Investment Performance of Stocks, Bonds, and Bills - 1926 to 2021 (MorningStar, Ibbotson Associates, NY Life)

Financial instruments inevitably rise over time. Even inflation creeps higher.
Since 1926, a period of about 100 years, small cap stocks have materially outperformed the large caps.
If economic conditions are sound, small caps generally outperform due to a higher risk-reward. 

One can observe the power of compounding in the chart above.
Even a mere 2% differential in compounded return can lead to an exponential difference in $ returns,
$56,000 return (small cap) vs $14,000 (S&P 500).
(Results of small cap performance can be lower than large caps for different time periods)


Small caps are generally defined as stocks with a market capitalization (market cap) between $200 million and $3 billion. Such stocks are typically riskier than larger-cap stocks. The risks to small cap companies include less liquidity (lower volume of shares traded), less research-coverage compared to larger cap peers, greater sensitivity to unconfirmed market rumors or hearsay, less institutional sponsorship, and relatively limited access to financing options. However, the greatest opportunities for capital appreciation also lie in the small cap and early stage midcap stocks, principally because of their undiscovered nature. The key is to manage down the risk, since it cannot be eliminated, and find a blend of risk and reward that optimizes the risk-adjusted returns. We believe a wider market cap range that includes the relatively more stable SMID or smaller midcap companies can also contribute towards managing down risk and enhancing risk-adjusted returns. Consequently, the Graycell Small Cap Model Portfolio has a targeted market cap range of $200 million to around $4 billion.

The focus for the model portfolio is on generating consistent and strong benchmark-beating returns. This is achieved through a highly disciplined approach to investing combining a number of aspects including market direction analysis, rules-driven quantitative modeling using fundamental and technical variables, and being process-oriented. Overlaid on this investing approach is our belief in the Power of Compounding. Strong consistent returns boosted by compounding over the long-term can unleash tremendous portfolio growth over time.

Investors must use the enduring power of the markets and the magic of compounding to build long term wealth.

Small Cap Service Fit

High Risk and High Reward product
Generally appropriate for investors with a longer-term focus, who decide to allocate a portion of their portfolio to higher risk opportunities
Investors who are closer to retirement should generally consider a relatively smaller allocation to riskier products targeting small cap stocks and need to determine if a small cap sector exposure is beneficial to their investment plans
An investor must have at least a 2-3 year horizon to benefit from such systematic portfolio products with the objective to build investment wealth over time.
The most important thing is to have reasonable and realistic expectations from the stock market, which is a risk-reward and not a risk-free market.
The small cap portfolio is not insulated against losses, and we can try to manage risk but not eliminate it. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
We are in no position to comment on the suitability of the small cap service relative to your needs, risk tolerance and financial position. We are not a registered representative as defined by the SEC. Kindly consult your professional financial advisor.

Building Investment Wealth Over Time

Using Systematic Model Investing For Consistent Performance


It's Repeatable with Discipline and Patience

Why Wait?

Hypothetical Portfolio Performance

(Historical performance is not an indicator of future performance, which can differ materially)

a journey from $10,000 to $9 million and still going ....

Prudent Small Cap - 10K Portfolio Performance

What Do I Get From The Subscription?

The Prudent Small Cap model portfolio is a complete investing game plan, a plan that has mostly outperformed benchmarks over entire economic cycles. Each month with the Prudent Small Cap Portfolio service, a subscriber receives access to a model portfolio of up to 10-stocks that are chosen. Based on your determination of its relevance to your unique situation, you now have the ability to use a systematic market investing approach driven by quantitative models.

Benefit 1 - A systematic investing approach to follow monthly
Benefit 2 - A game plan to follow a quantitative investment strategy
Benefit 3 - An emotionless investing system that avoids the judgment risks of experts and humans
Benefit 4 - Exposure to the promising names within the high potential small cap segment
Benefit 5 - A diversified portfolio to manage a portion of the stock-specific risk
Benefit 6 - Limit risk from prolonged adverse market conditions by knowing when the portfolio is in Cash
Benefit 7 - Clear cut updates, simple to understand and follow typically once a month
Benefit 8 - No daily decision-making or spending hours reading research and remaining undecided
Benefit 9 - Once you determine the information is relevant, track the portfolio once-a-month or for an intramonth adjustment
Benefit 10 - Instant access to a quantitative model driven portfolio for a price of ~$33/month that is less than a dinner check


 I had read your work on Seeking Alpha and subscribed to the Prudent Biotech and the Graycell Small Cap newsletters. Since 2017, it has worked out fabulously. 2022 has been an up-and-down year so far, but I believe staying the course is important. Thanks for the service and you've earned my renewals.

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Christopher M.

Dallas, TX

Nice work. It's helpful and has made my portfolio management easier.

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Roberta S.

San Francisco, CA

It's great. I started the Biotech and Smallcap services a few years ago and then added Healthcare when it came out. Never looked back. I am happy and being a broker, my clients are satisfied too.

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Sidney M.

New York, NY

The Best Time to Plant an Oak was 20 Years Ago.
The Next Best Time is Now.

These are powerful words of wisdom in an old proverb.
You've to start somewhere, sometime.
Building Investment Wealth Over Time.

There is no guarantee of future performance. Nonetheless, it should still be noted that various studies and scholars have provided empirical evidence that bolsters the thesis that systems outsmart individual judgment consistently.

If you feel our system can help grow your investment wealth over time, then don't wait!

The Decision is Yours Now!

While there is no one best system, there is one that works best for you. Once you choose a system, you need to stick with it.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Buffett made the above comment while referring to the card game of Bridge. But his words hold a vital truth for investing as well.

Below are a few samples.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!


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We will do our best to provide you with an excellent product to contribute towards wealth-building goals through disciplined investing. We back this with our guarantee that if you are unsatisfied for any reason with the subscription, you can cancel at any time within 60-days of your Payment for a full refund. No questions asked. So you have 60-days to make up your mind without refund worries and see if the product can contribute to your financial goals. After 60-days, no full, partial or pro-rated refunds are done.

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